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No More #Kubernetesprobs 

Are you losing time, money, and resources spending cycles trying to implement and manage Kubernetes on your own? We know its hard and you need to make sure that you think beyond “Hello World”.

Discover an easier way to tackle your #kubernetesprobs by learning how Mesosphere helps you automate and manage Kubernetes at scale. Plus, we are giving a $50 Amazon Giftcard* to all qualified demos.

Learn how Mesosphere

  • Enables you to deploy, scale, and upgrade pure Kubernetes on any infrastructure
  • Enables multi-developer and business teams to build or migrate applications to Kubernetes
  • Combines your existing data services with Kubernetes--so everything is all in one place
  • Limits vulnerability and eases compliance with increased security

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* Amazon gift cards will be given out to all qualified prospects who complete a discovery call and demo with Mesosphere. We reserve the right to determine qualification criteria. Your $50 Amazon gift card will be sent 2 weeks after you have completed the demo.